"The principle art of the teacher is to awaken the joy in creation and knowledge.."
- Albert Einstein

Our Elementary program focuses on developing the whole child through interaction with an interdisciplinary curriculum, designed specifically to meet the needs of children at this stage of development.

When children enter into the elementary classroom, the process of physical manipulation of materials continues, but there are added elements. The students are expected to complete daily and weekly goals. Weekly homework packets are also given to the students to help reinforce their class work. The principles of applying the information, which they have acquired, are introduced. The children begin to move from the concrete to the abstract and to see themselves in relation to a larger whole. Much of the material is similar or identical to that in the pre-primary class, but is used at another level, building on the previous work. The children's experiences are further expanded by the introduction at this level of many new materials.

We emphasize reading, handwriting, creative writing, math skills, and the cultural subjects of history, zoology, botany, geography, art, socialization as well as grace and courtesy.