We have Spanish and Mandarin Classes.
Tenemos Clases de Español.

Mission Statement

To guide children in developing their full potential in an environment that is committed to preserving the legacy of Dr. Maria Montessori and to ensure that every education is regarded as special with the conviction that all children are gifted and talented.


Enrichment Activities

C U L T U R A L L Y      D I V E R S I F I E D

At New World, Education encompasses Virtues of;
Discipline, Grace & Courtesy, Patriotism, Courage, Integrity, Self-Esteem,
Independence, Love of Learning and Humility.

New World Montessori School is a product of over 40 years of experience, study, and observation. Our goals are to encourage and nurture the children in the self-discovery of their world. The curriculum has been developed to encourage the children to have a lifelong love of learning. We provide a non-competitive environment where children of different abilities, race, cultural backgrounds, and ages work, play, share, and learn from one another. We provide an environment in which each child has the opportunity to progress at his/her own level of development. We maintain a happy, pleasant atmosphere in which the child can absorb information and find joy in learning.

The homelike quality of our school contributes to a relaxed, focused experience for the child. Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful developed playground with climbing structures, sand play, water play, painting, manipulatives, tricycles, pets, and gardens.

"The child has one intuitive aim: self development. He desperately wants to develop his resources, his ability to cope with a strange, complex world. He wants to do and see and learn for himself through his senses and not through the eyes of an adult. The child who accomplishes this moves into harmony with his world. He becomes a full person. He is educated."
- Maria Montessori

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